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Dr. Kindell Presents

Dr. Thomas Kindell photo graphic.The Christian Center of Elko hosts Dr. Kindell as he presents a scientific view of creationism. Join us on Sunday, January 19 beginning at 10:30 am. Dr. Kindell will speak at the Christian Center of Elko located at 1555 Indian View Heights Drive, Elko, Nevada. For more information call the church at 775-738-2040. This presentation is free to the public.

Dr. Thomas Kindell was once an ardent believer in the “fact” of evolution. However, through his exposure to the scientific case for creation, he became a zealous creationist. He has received advanced training in scientific creationism through the Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research in Santee, California. He has been privileged to study under several of the world's most prominent creationist scientists. He also has studied Christian Apologetics and Biblical-Scientific Creationism at California Graduate School of Theology where he received his M.A. in Biblical Studies. He holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Theology (major in philosophy of Biblical apologetics.)

Dr. Kindell is the founder and president of Reasons for Faith Ministries, Inc., a non-profit ministry dedicated to equipping Christian believers to “give every man an answer” for their Biblical faith. He is an ordained minister with the Calvary Chapel of Weston, TX. For over 35 years he has engaged in a traveling teaching ministry lecturing on Biblical apologetics and the scientific case for creation.

He has also successfully debated the scientific case for creation against notable evolutionists on high school and college campuses, radio, and television. Dr. Kindell is a frequent guest on the radio series “Science, Scripture & Salvation” which is produced by the Institute for Creation Research.

He is a member of the Oregon Design Science Association and is a lifetime sustaining member of the Creation Research Society.

Dr. Kindell’s creation‑science seminar has been repeatedly acclaimed as one of the very bst in the nation and has been enthusiastically endorsed by Dr. Duane T. Gish, Senior Vice‑President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research.

He is available full-time on a free will offering basis for speaking engagements throughout the United States and abroad.

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Sunday service starts at 10:30 am, at 10:15 am there is coffee and donuts downstairs and prayer upstairs.

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Join us for Sunday Service Starting at 10:30 am
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